Woolwich Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning

cleaningWhat a better time to ask for help with the cleaning, than when you’re moving out of your house. We’ll be more than happy to show you why we are the best in the field and we’ve kept our leading position for almost a decade. Woolwich is where we reside and we make sure our customers in the city and the area are always content with the job we are doing on their site. One of the ways we manage to meet your expectations is with our End of Tenancy cleaning service.

In its essence, this service gives you the complete thorough cleaning our house has always been waiting for. We are going to scrub and wipe everything – from floor to ceiling. We are going to sanitize your bathrooms and toilets and proper vacuum all fluffy carpets and rugs in your house. Our cleaning teams fear nothing and they’ll even be able to get rid of all of the stains you’ve never been able to clean yourself. This is why we’re professionals and we’re the best in Woolwich.

End Of Tenancy

  • Studio Flatfrom £89
  • One Bedroom Flatfrom £139
  • Two Bedroom Flatfrom £165
  • Three Bedroom Flatfrom £189

    We owe our excellent results and our good reputation on the professional products we use in our work. They come directly from the manufacturers and could not be purchased over the counter, because they all have very highly-concentrated formulas, unsuitable for everyday use.

    With great power comes great responsibility and we fully understand that. This is why we use them for your benefit and in order to fully transform your home. A checklist written by you might turn out to be very helpful for us, since we’ll know which tasks to prioritize.

    Our professionally trained employees are available for booking seven days per week in Woolwich, of course for a reasonable price, often much smaller than your deposit. If you want to book a cleaning appointment on weekends or bank and national holidays, there might be additional fees applied to the service.

    Our prices all include the materials, machines and the equipment needed, so you don’t need to prepare anything for them. Contact us today and book your free estimation and cleaning appointment.

    “So classy. The crew came over and got to work right away. They covered every single inch of the flat. It’s like I was never here in the first place. If cleaning was a crime, your crew would be serving for a lifetime. It is definitely something special.”

    I am not into cleaning which is why I booked a professional end of tenancy cleaning service to secure my deposit. The cleaners who came were friendly and helpful. The two housekeepers worked as a team and managed to clean the property in to time. I strongly recommend the service.

    When your lease is coming to an end, the cleaning is one of the most important parts of the whole moving out process. Landlord, not only in Woolwich require this job to be done, but many of them want a professional cleaning service delivered. This is the only way you will receive the full refund of your deposit money.

    Cleaning, surely has its tedious and tiring sides, but generally, is not difficult at all, however, moving out cleaning is just a level higher than common people’s abilities, because landlords have high standards. Not that we doubt in your abilities, but we prefer to offer you our professional and deep end of tenancy cleaning service! Woolwich’s landlords are not the only ones who have high standards. We want to be as efficient as possible, so we cover the whole place with suitable tools, hi-tech machines and environmentally friendly cleaning products, until perfection is achieved!

    You can easily book our end of tenancy cleaning service, for any type of property, located in Woolwich and we will make sure you get the full amount of your deposit money. We clean to impress and we are more than capable of exceeding any expectations!